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      About Us......




      Pan.De.Mania was set up in 2005 to cater for


outdoor events and parties. The name derives


from a Medieval French phrase meaning 'bread of


the hands' a term used for the very best bread: a


sort of Middle Ages 'Finest' range.



      We always seek to use the very best of


ingredients, aiming for 100% organic products


wherever possible, occasionally substituting with


non organic or homegrown. We always have


information available on the stall about this and


are happy to discuss individual requirements.



     We are very proud of our Wood Fired Oven: it


is a cooking method that goes back thousands of


years and indeed is still used in many parts of the


world. We cook at very high temperatures,


reaching in excess of 500 degrees celsius,


allowing us to cook a pizza often in less than one





     We are passionate about baking and are


always happy to talk about what we do and


encourage others to take up this most satisfying


of artisan occupations.





















 Pan.De.Mania Wood Fired Pizza









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